Players will soon be able to sign up online.

Due to the importance of rental time slots, read below:

The date for when time slots are made available will be announced beforehand. We will have more rental stations than ever but at the same time encourage players to be ready to book as soon as it is possible if a certain part of the day is of great importance. 

Date for sign-up and booking form will be announce on this page.



NES players must qualify at an official rental station.<

You are welcome to bring your own controller.

Rulebook & guidelines will be made available on this page. 

Click for more info about NES

GAME BOY players are allowed to bring own Game Boy. Rules and guidelines for the Game Boy tournament will be updated here.,

Click for info about GAME BOY


The schedule is made to give you an idea of what to expect. We are still editing and adjusting according to expected size and numbers of brackets. 

A more detailed plan will be available as we move closer to the date. 

Types of tournaments: CTEC GAMEBOY, CTEC DAS & CTEC 2023 where CTEC 2023 is played on NES allowing all techniques and styles of play.

Informations will also be available on location.

Flat Bracket

2023 will feature a so-called “flat bracket” for the NES tournament. It looks like
The flat bracket provides closer matchups in the early rounds. Qualifying with a higher score gets rewarded; you will need to face less opponents in your quest for eternal glory!
CTEC DAS will be a classic Top 8 bracket, like previous editions.