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A webapp will be ready for you leading up to the tournament. It will help you find schedules, floorplan, rules and more. To see the current edition please click the button below:


It is free to experience the event as a guest.

We expect to have a NES station for guests who want to test their skills too. 

Our venue is ENIGMA and to enter their exhibitions on the other floors a ticket can be bought at the entrance.


To include as many payment solutions as possible we have adjusted the process for signing up. We now offer the option for PayPal as well as Apple Pay.

Everyone who succefully signed up through the former solution is guaranteed their slot. Your time slot is reserved correctly if your payment has gone through. In that case: You do not need to use easytablebooking again but please enter your information through in the google form too.

If you tried signing up earlier but failed to meet the payment criteria – then please sign up though the method found below.

Contact chrisstoffer at Discord if you have questions. 

Please follow the 3 steps carefully.

  • NES PLAYERS  Please use the EASYTABLEBOOKING link to reserve your time slot for a NES qualification station. This part of the process no longer requires payment. Only one time slot per person.  CLICK HERE FOR BOOKING (link)
  •  GAME BOY PLAYERS: Qualification will be using a queuing system on location and will not require the use of EASYTABLEBOOKING. Please use the same option for payment as stated below and remember to add your details to the google form (also found below) where you will be asked about participating in the Game Boy competition. 

Please use one of the following options for payment. The price for a timeslot is 25 EURO. The price includes all tournament categories. As an example: It does not cost extra to also enter the DAS tournament if you enter the Game Boy tournament. 

Make sure to include information about who you are paying for – what you will be competing in and which time slot you have reserved (if qualifying in the NES category).


Enter your information in the google form. This is for referees, commentators and organizers. 

Google form:



Price: 25 Euro

Booking translation

We use a professional booking system to handle the transactions. Their usual customers are restaurants which is why you will book as 1 person reserving a table.

– 1 Qualification station = 1 Table

– 1 Player = 1 Guest


Nintendo Entertainments System

We have 16 qualification stations for NES players.

Qualification Slots for NES are FRIDAY 17th of November 2023

1 hour & 45 Minutes each.

Slots begin at: 12:00, 14:00, 16:00, 18:00 & 20:00. (80 slots in total).

One slot (mentioned as “Table” during booking) can be booked per player.

A ticket for Game Boy qualification is included in your NES qualification ticket.



Players who strictly compete in the Game Boy category: Game Boy players at CTEC 2023 will use a queue system on qualification day. Please also use the google form and procedure for registration. 



For everyone who attend as player or audience, please make sure to click attending on our Facebook event page: CTEC. 2023 FACEBOK EVENTPAGE

 Questions regarding the CTEC 2023 (including booking) please join our Discord Server (link)


To access the current official set of rules please use .pdf link in this block below. The rules will be downloaded or shown as a .pdf files. The latest .pdf version will always represent the official CTEC rules. If informations, paragraph, rules or definition, which is found elsewhere, differs from the .pdf then follow what is stated in the .pdf. 

CTEC Gameboy 2023 Ruleset 14th of November 2023


To access the current official set of rules please use .pdf link from this block below. The rules will be downloaded or shown as a .pdf files. The latest .pdf version will always represent the official CTEC rules and therefor. If informations, paragraph, rules or definition, which is found elsewhere, differs from the .pdf then follow what is stated in the .pdf. 

NES CTEC RULESET (2023) – uploaded 4th of October 2023

LAST EDITED: 18th November 2023. These points will follow the official referee sheet.

Before seated: Make sure you know how to submit a score. Read all the steps carefully and ask an official in case of questions. 

Before playing: Make sure to have done the control steps below before you start your time slot.


  1. Hard Reset: Make sure the power is off. Press the “POWER” button on the front of the NES console. Note: A Soft reset with the “RESET” button is not enough.
  2. Tetris Gym: When the Tetris Gym Cartridge is loaded: Delete the leaderboard by pressing twice down and then twice start.
  3. Check equipment. Make sure everything is working and contact referee by raising your hand when ready.
  4. Start as scheduled. Players start at exactly 12:00, 14:00, 16:00, 18:00 or 20:00.




  1. Submit score. When you want to submit a score please raise your hand to signal the referee. Take a picture of the screen to save as a backup in case anything goes wrong.
  2. Approval of score: The referee checks qualifying/playstyle mode in the menu of the Tetris Gym cart.
  3. Referee submits score to sheet. It is a good idea that you also  write down your scores.
  4. End of the qualification period. Qualification slot ends at 13:45, 15:45, 17:45, 19:45 and 21:45h. Games started after the timer reaches 1 hour and 45 minutes do not count. A game started before the timer runs out can continue until the top-out.

Note: CTEC owns an official cartridge version of Tetris for every Tetris Gym to respect the license.

Make sure that others who a playing are not interrupted when signalling the referee.


NES players must qualify at an official rental station.

You are welcome to bring your own controller.

Rulebook & guidelines will be made available on this page. 

Click for more info about NES

GAME BOY players are allowed to bring own Game Boy. Rules and guidelines for the Game Boy tournament will be updated here.,

Click for info about GAME BOY


The schedule is made to give you an idea of what to expect. We are still editing and adjusting according to expected size and numbers of brackets. 

A more detailed plan will be available as we move closer to the date. 

Types of tournaments: CTEC GAMEBOY, CTEC DAS & CTEC 2023 where CTEC 2023 is played on NES allowing all techniques and styles of play.

Informations will also be available on location.

Flat Bracket

2023 will feature a so-called “flat bracket” for the NES tournament. 
The flat bracket provides closer matchups in the early rounds. Qualifying with a higher score gets rewarded; you will need to face less opponents in your quest for eternal glory!
CTEC DAS will be a classic Top 8 bracket, like previous editions.



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