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Tuesday Update

Mads / nintendopusheren.dk testing the free qualification systems.

Another day well spent on setting up and preparing for CTEC 2022!

Thanks to Matisyahu for joining in today and testing the streaming computer. We are using the dedicated CTEC PC – firing up OBS and unpacking the new capture cards was a great experience.

Mads/Nintendopusheren.dk tested NES systems as a pro. So many NES’ so little time. Thanks so much for going at it and for making it run smooth.

We are expecting to set up 12 free qualification stations and 6 rental stations. 11 of the free qualifications will currently accept both types of controller (004 and 004E) and all 6 rental stations will accept both controllers.

The rental section is now fully booked but will be open in case of cancelations. This will be the case also on location if you haven’t got a timeslot and a timeslot is available.

We will also setup 1 free station for audience and guests to play for fun. A station that is not accepted for qualification but meant to take the pressure off from the qualification que.

The bookingsystem automatically cancels unpaid bookings after 24 hours so timeslots might soon be available because of that. If you have not gotten a confirmation then it does not mean you have not been booked – the system is unfortunately not as automated as one could dream of.

I will go on social media after posting this update. I had hoped to be able to reply during the day but have been deep into organising and setting up since this morning. Had the alarm not been activated at the museum at 22:00 I would probably still be on location setting up. It is a great honor to do what I get to do and I appreciate what we have build up for so many years together with so many team members, sponsors, players, venues and everyone else. I truly wish I could be certain that everyone knows how appreciated they are – but I also know it not to be the case. Hopefully I will be able to show this better going forward.

CTEC is growing and I hope more will join our team after this CTEC 2022.

Discord has a dedicated #questions channel but if you need my attention with something personal regarding CTEC 2022 then write a private message on Discord and I will do my best to answer as quick as possible.

Your biggest fan