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Tournament Style 2021

CTEC has setup a “Tetris Task Team” for CTEC Online 2021. After our meeting this Friday, it was decided that we will continue with worked last year while expanding in the competition part of CTEC Online. CTP is a big part of the TTT and also why different versions of tournament styles have been debated, calculated and concluded upon. We will keep the sign-up open for all and will improve the experience once the player has qualified. We will be seeing scores that take it as a challenge that we (still) “only” let 32 players in after qualification rounds. This is to ensure a well planned & structured tournament while also showing skills on a high level – respecting the twists and turns Tetris brings.32 players

Tournament Style 2021

  • Double elimination
  • 4 Groups of 8 pl.
  • Each groups is assigned to a unique channel.
  • Group will play until winner of group is found.

– Winner of group will go on to play 12.12.21

Note: A channel shows plays of 2 matches at the same time