Sponsors & friends of CTEC

A special thanks goes out to the following sponsors and friends who supports and helps CTEC.


Computer shop who donated the CTEC stream computer used during tournament.

Bip Bip Bar

CTEC meeting point when CTEC takes place on site in Copenhagen. Bar with arcade & pinball in Copenhagen.

Classic Tetris PAL

Monthly Classic Tetris PAL online tournaments. Also the main team when executing “CTEC Online” when not on site.


Our American friends who started it all. Make sure to see Classic Tetris World Championship when NTSC is being pushed to the next level.

Usage is Dead

When you hear great music in the back of CTEC Online – these are the artists. 

LINK: https://www.facebook.com/usagiisdead

Enigma Museum

Location for CTEC 2019 and our internet connection when hosting CTEC Online.

Tetris Concept

Great source for Tetris excitement and helps CTEC with streaming when arranging tournament on site.

You & the community

We organise this because we love the community.