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Rental Stations & Bracket rule

Rental station schedule is managing the back-end automatically most of the time and it now seems fully booked (still waiting for that last payments and confirmations). The setup still requires some adjusting (unfortunately often manually) which has led to some being able to book the weekend after. It has been corrected by now. Those who have booked on the weekend after will either be fitted with an open (if any) spot on the right weekend at the same booked time slot. Should this not be possible, then an extra station will be made available for those bookings.

Should your booking cause any conflict then you will be contacted but will always be able to get the time timeslot you booked.

To make sure we keep to the schedule we will be using the “No mullening” rule. Meaning, after one of the two players has stacked to the roof second player is allowed to play on but only until the current score of the first player is beaten,