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Qualification Time Slots

(Procedure is the same as seen with CTEC 2020 Online).

Time to find your time slot for setup verification & CTEC qualification!

Sign-up for this years CTEC through the google form is over and we know how many players want to qualify.

The official CTEC referees have synced their calendars and are ready to guide & verify.

Players who have signed up through the google form must also request a time slot at Signupgenius so a CTEC referee can be assigned. 

Note: All players have already been contacted by email after signing up though google form and emailed a link to Signupgenius.

In case you have missed the time slot email/link – please check your spam folder or use the link below.

To players who have done previous steps: Discord, Twitch & Google Form, please request a qualification time slot at Signupgenious and the assigned referee will contact you on Discord with further details. 

Good luck –  and good game to all.

Book a qualification time slot at Signupgenius
Link: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/10c0d48afaf2da1fec61-ctec