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Player Index has received an update.

Thanks to -JJ to for all the help.
Check them out at: https://classictetris.eu/playerindex/

Rental Stations!

Many have requested information about the Rental NES Stations.
It is first come first serve but to make sure everyone has a fighting chance to get their most wanted spot a date & time has been set. The booking section will go live tomorrow, Wednesday the9th at 18:00 Danish time.
Link to NES rental stations will be available at: https://classictetris.eu/ctec-2022-event/

Options regarding rental stations:
Price: $10/hr
Number of NES stations: 4

* More real stations might be added if needed.
Slots allowed per person: 1 max
Start – end time:
– Friday: From 16:00 to 21:00
– Saturday: From 13:00 to 15:00

Last time slot starts an hour before ending time.
** An hour from opening to start has been left “open”/unavailable.
Payment platforms: PayPal & Stripe (with credit card options).
This is to be seen as the starting conditions and might be adjusted.

Best of

During bracket it is soon announced whether it will be: “Bo5 until semi-finals and finals with bo7/bo9” or if the timeframe seems too narrow: “Bo5 all the way until finals in bo7”.
Please state your concerns on Discord CTEC 2022 -> #Questions channel as your voice is important especially regarding this concern.