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Official Date & Location

Covid-19 is playing tricks on the whole arrangement and we hope everyone is taking care and is safe out there. We are putting safety first and hope you will keep an open mind and understand that the challenge of organizing our event is greater than ever. The current status is that Denmark has reduced the maximum number of people allowed to gather to 50 – for the next 2-3 weeks in Copenhagen. This is being adjusted to make sure everyone is safe and is expected to be changed again before the event.

These are the unique terms we are competing and planning under. However, we will be playing, competing and enjoying Tetris safely – in what is hopefully one in a lifetime tournament experience.

GOTO: Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/328446961734168


  • New date
  • Placement
  • Afterparty
  • Safety
  • Tickets
  • Safety

To respect CTWC and the players who are competing for many months, we found a space in the official CTWC schedule that could make sure we would not overlap each other. We do have Tetris Players competing on both NES NTSC and NES PAL and understand that it can be difficult to switch between standards while preparing for tournaments

Although venues currently are working under stressful terms with restrictions and ever changing criteria we have been meeting with a venue that is willing to let us book a date that is respecting the small open calendar space accessible in November 2020.

Date: 13th of & 14th of November 2020.

We are happy to be able to compete as a community in 2020. And we are happy to be able to require a venue all to CTEC, so we can have full focus on preparations.

Location: Blågårdsgade 5, 2000 Copenhagen N

The venue is willing to work with us in case Covid-19 allows larger numbers of people to gather once again. So we are all hoping that the next weeks with groups of “only” 50 people will be a temporary situation – for that and many other reasons of course. 

Tickets available soon.

We will be selling tickets shortly and are now working on different types of tickets to be available. Game Boy and NES competitions will be held the same weekend but not be held at the same time. We will schedule the competitions so only 50 people are present at the same time. We are also working with setting up in different rooms and with different time schedules in case 40 tickets are much too few.

NES Player Ticket: The number of tickets will be 40 as the limit of groups in Denmark are currently 50 – so including organizers; 40 is what is possible as of now.

GAME BOY Player Ticket: We will also provide 40 tickets for competitors on the Game Boy Classic system. You are allowed to compete in both tournaments but will be required tickets for both. It is not possible to compete from a distance/stream in the Game Boy tournament, as the competition is versus with the Game Boy Link-Cable. 

Stream NES Player Ticket: To those who are not able to travel due to restrictions from their individual countries will still be able to compete through stream. There is no limit to the number of stream tickets.

Audience Ticket: There are currently no tickets available for the audience as we will focus on the players and the stream. This, however, will change in case Denmark opens up, as expected, to groups larger than 50 before the event.

Supporter Ticket: We will be selling supporter tickets. The tickets are meant as a donation and a pat on the shoulder. It is also a way to help us through the situation and grow for next year. CTEC has been free all previous years, so now it is time to see if we got the support.

Waiting List: We will open a waiting list in case people decide to pass on their ticket. Should larger groups than 50 be allowed, then people of the waiting list will be contacted. 

Refund: We will not be able to refund tickets. The event requires the same amount of gear and expenses but with fever tickets. The situation will also require new temporary expenses to secure that everyone is safe while competing. You will be able to change the NES Player Ticket to a Stream NES Player Ticket in case your country will not allow for you to travel to Denmark.

Safety first

Safety is of great importance and all players will be handed free facemasks both days as a part of the ticket. We will be setting up “walls”/shields so players who are competing will not be able to touch each other. All other safety measurements will be taken and we are working with professionals who are working with respecting the guidelines and requirements daily.

The week will be eventful!

Expect a very unique CTEC experience! The community will be in focus and you will get to meet up with other players already from wednesday as we will be setting up Tetris spots at Bip Bip Bar which is located in walking distance to the venue. It is a CTEC tradition to meet up when not competing too and to get to know others who share our passion. Some players travel together to see tourists spots while others practice on the systems and party at Bip Bip Bar. The arcade bar will also host the afterparty and make sure CTEC is wrapping up with a great gaming party to celebrate our community. 

GOTO: Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/328446961734168