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I am proud to announce that CTEC has teamed up with Bobby from Ruben & Bobby. This makes it possible for CTEC to release NFTs and drop them the next couple of days and during final day. The partnership is focused on NFT highlights on this year’s CTEC! It is not a part of the CTEC webshop, but fear not – the webshop is being giving attention and love too and will hopefully be ready for final day. Donators get discount for CTEC webshop. If possible, some NFTs might also make it into the webshop but will be by CTEC and not related to the partnership mentioned. In case of NFT in webshop: Yup, donators can claim discount!

It is exciting to connect classic esports with todays technical possibilities and see it as a fun and new way of supporting CTEC. Should you want to buy an NFT then make sure you have a wallet with Tezos cryptocurrency ready. They can be acquired on exchanges such as Crypto.com.

Disclaimer: The topic is of such a matter that I feel the need to make sure, that CTEC understands if this is not for you or if you have strong opinions against it. We are passing over to digital collectable trends with many different feelings about it. We hope you find it interesting and fun as we give it a go but we also have to say, as NFTs has a tendency to be something to invest in, that we are not financial advisors and using this option is at your own responsibility.