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NFT Cancelled

It has come to my attention that the CTEC community reacts strongly against adding NFT to the experience. It was never the intention for neither Bobby nor me, Chriss, to connect CTEC with any bad tendencies.

Long story short; I have been looking into wether or not I could create this year’s trophy as an NFT for the winner. It would be free for the winner of course. The idea was to link the online competition with an online prize – one that can be owned, is one of a kind and official for everyone to see. However, I understand that I have misread the community quite a lot. The NBA inspired versions of doing highlights with NFTs was never debated with the team as I quite frankly thought of it as a small fun matter to add on to the online experience. It is no small matter when the community reacts like this.

I will of course not make the NFT when the message is received so differently than meant to. Some might feel strongly about continue with the idea of NFT, but I did not debate it with the team first, and I will stop the works of it as of now.

I started organising CTEC to see more persons enjoy classic Tetris, not to make a political statement or to let my own ideologies or ideas run free. We are all important pieces in play here and in this context; I don’t like to see them disappear.