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Certain news will also be posted on the CTEC server via: INFORMATION > #news.

Link: https://discord.gg/APtFPawj9F


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Silver Bracket Found its Winner

What a tribute to Classic Tetris it is to see that players are here to play and the community enjoys all aspects of it. The Silver Bracket was created by the community to find a winner amongst the Top 33 to 48 of the best CTEC 2021 qualifying scores. A bracket where we were spoiled with skills from multiple countries and a will to win all over the playfield.

To find more informations about Silver Bracket, please visit: registration/#silverbracket

– or from the top menu: CTEC/CTEC 2021/SILVER BRACKET

Congratulations & thank you for CTEC 2021 *spoiler alert*


Another new name is added to the elite classic Tetris club of CTEC winners. Congratulations SIDNEV! And congratulations to everyone else too for now being presented with a CTEC finale that displayed this amazing new level of skills. Thanks to both SIDNEV & FRACTAL for impressing us with such a high speed Tetris finale and for surprising us by never slowing down – even though you went into a brackets reset! CTEC 2021 had so many memorable moments and hours of stream to look back upon, but to mention a few: FRACTAL qualifying with a maxout while still having SIDNEV replying with a Tetris at level 28 in the finale. And what an incredible number of nationalities that competed and for the first time in CTEC history we did groups of 8, losers bracket and to come: Silver bracket. The bar is now higher than ever and reruns are needed to catch up on what a CTEC qualifier must face in the future of classic esports. 

Official CTEC 2021 Bracket

Thanks To

Donators for supporting us – remember to get your discount if the new webshop has something you’d like. Enigma for letting us setup stream and hosting www.twitch.tv/classictetriseurope. Magnutron for supplying us with streaming equipment. Thanks to the community for being as passionate about Tetris as we are and for understanding that everyone has a voice and may speak up to be heard as the CTEC brand is based on everyone’s involvement. Massive kudos and cyber hugs to all the commentators for keeping the soundchannel informative for both players and viewers and for keeping it so funny that it is a medium for entertainment itself. Thanks to CTWC for sharing our links and for always having the time to talk about classic Tetris and the experience of organizing and wanting to improve a tournament in our category. Thanks to Usagi is Dead for slowly becoming our soundtrack as they once again let us use their great tunes in the back while streaming. Thanks to the Tetris Task Team for the many meetings, weeks & months spent on creating CTEC 2021. A special thanks to ClassicTetrisPal for being our CTEC online safety-net and for always being there to organize online brackets. Thanks to the players for presenting us with live classic Tetris action & to the viewers who keep adding to the Tetris excitement. 

For more info about sponsors and friends, please visit classictetris.eu/sponsorsandfriends 

Thanks for a great CTEC 2021!

CTEC always celebrates the championship with a group picture – but being strictly online in 2021 – here’s a gallery of the organizers of CTEC 2021 who would like to say thank you to everyone who took interest in this year’s CTEC.

(Gallery will be updated as members of the Tetris Task Team adds their pictures)

In alphabetical order: Archina, Bakadrian, bv_09, Chrisstoffer, EdgeTE, Elpailtem, Foryst, IMoC, Jakub, Marq, Paulister, PirBip, Sakurion & vonGoldschmidt. Pictures in gallery is randomised.

For future reference, www.ClassicTetris.eu will keep being updated.

Bracket reset!

What a last match before losers bracket rules kick in and they will have to do it over for the final and last time!

Only fair when SIDNEV is in the final via losers bracket and FRACTAL will get same chance after current defeat.



Stream is live and the schedule will be updated in case of difficulties. Good luck everyone!

Player Index

As we look for the winner of CTEC 2021 no past qualifiers are left forgotten. -JJ has been helping me collect informations and has styled it in a clean A4 format. The page will be updated and I thank -JJ for helping us.

Go to: classictetris.eu/playerindex for the overview.

NFT Cancelled

It has come to my attention that the CTEC community reacts strongly against adding NFT to the experience. It was never the intention for neither Bobby nor me, Chriss, to connect CTEC with any bad tendencies.

Long story short; I have been looking into wether or not I could create this year’s trophy as an NFT for the winner. It would be free for the winner of course. The idea was to link the online competition with an online prize – one that can be owned, is one of a kind and official for everyone to see. However, I understand that I have misread the community quite a lot. The NBA inspired versions of doing highlights with NFTs was never debated with the team as I quite frankly thought of it as a small fun matter to add on to the online experience. It is no small matter when the community reacts like this.

I will of course not make the NFT when the message is received so differently than meant to. Some might feel strongly about continue with the idea of NFT, but I did not debate it with the team first, and I will stop the works of it as of now.

I started organising CTEC to see more persons enjoy classic Tetris, not to make a political statement or to let my own ideologies or ideas run free. We are all important pieces in play here and in this context; I don’t like to see them disappear.




CTEC SERVER > INFORMATION > #news /link: https://discord.gg/APtFPawj9F


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