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CTEC 2020 will be 100% online

As promised, updates will be announced more often – even if more is to come soon after.

We have been in contact with the venue and together decided that the most reasonable decision is to make Classic Tetris European Championship 100% online this year. We have worked hard since early this year and have made it possible to follow all restrictions to create a safe event on location. But the way things are evolving in Europe at this stage – and so close to the date of competition – it is time to accept the situation and to let all players have as much time as possible to adjust to another way of competing this year. Even if it means all the work surrounding a large event must be cancelled and unfortunately not be experienced by anyone this year.

The announcements have been few as a result of only stating what could be stated with a somewhat certainty under the pandemic while working towards the event that would be happening under controlled circumstances with a large team behind it. Up until last weekend it seemed very possible to still create the safe event with even more players and guests in the audience than any other year. We hope that you keep in mind, that the team has been working harder than ever to do what is now impossible. And we also hope you remember this in a time when what might be most present right now is the lack of information and sudden change of events. We are all very sad about the outcome even though it pales in comparison to what is happening all over the world.

We are at a stage where we have to make a decision that will last and will not be changed by the spread of Covid-19. CTEC is a community event and now the best way of meeting the community is by doing it online.  We have been in contact with CTWC to inform that CTEC 2020 will also be an online competition this year. We would all prefer to have more time but let’s make this something special and from here create a unique CTEC 2020. The aim is to learn from our mistakes and create something you will remember with joy.

As stated in the beginning, we will inform you more often even when there is more to add to the news and questions will be present. This is why we inform you now and why we will be updating as soon as possible with the format for competing and how to sign up. The date is still 13th and 14th of November 2020 but we are looking into expanding the qualification days.

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