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Monday update

Today has been spent on equipment. A request has been to setup different versions of Tetris for the fun of it. Like the “old days”. I have also made sure we have enough back-up CRTs (the row on the pic).

Can’t promise all screens work and that this will be the final placement (with tables) but so far so good. The six big B&Os are placed for rental stations atm. I will turn them on every day to make sure they are stable.

But, if some screens die or something similar I might have to switch stuff around. It is important that everyone has the same opportunity at CTEC.

The smaller B&O and the PVM are meant for qualification que. I have blended the two types as I know some prefer the one over the other. So now you can get a go at the best way possible for you.

Game Boy player’s are not overlooked. I have made room for the table and handhelds in the center. It should add some attention and pressure to competition.

Bracket-area is setup after the qualification Saturday but the “stage” is mapped and is given attention in relation with chairs for audience, streaming, backscreen and more.

I hope to be able to answer questions on/from Discord and update infos on the website tomorrow.

Rumour says that many of you arrive Wednesday already and are ready to party. So don’t miss out on Dyst’s Wednesday at Bip Bip Bar.

Community support: I might ask some of you to bring an extra cartridge. I will also reach out to some of you relating to commentating (when not playing) as I think the different dialects adds personality to CTEC. Please let me know on Discord if you want to support with your help – I know I am not good at asking for it myself. It can be anything you want to contribute with.

Tomorrow will also be a day where other team members like Matisyahu & Mads/Nintendopusheren will be at the address testing and setting up stations and stream with me. We will setup the CTEC PC and I know nostalgia will fill the air as we find old clips and pictures from previous years.

The online team is forever a big part of CTEC (on location too).

Sumez has also been a help to us at 2022 which feels wonderful and perfect as we go on with live/on location events.

More info tomorrow.

Your biggest fan