*** UPDATE ***

We will NOT be using MaxOutClub for CTEC 2021 after all. Sorry for any inconvenience this might have brought.

Post regarding change: 

Stream setup for weekend (changes)

Tutorial: MaxOutClub

Players who qualify will need to get familiar with MaxOutClub.com in order to compete in online CTEC 2021. This allows CTEC to display data based on the relation between the two players competing, such as points difference. 

Please go through tutorial before being contacted by referee in order for the process to run smoothly.


Referee & Player connects on Discord and schedule a date for check.

At the scheduled date.

  • Player must go to maxoutclub.com
  • Player must log in with twitch
  • Once player is logged in, player will most likely need to calibrate.



Player: Click on the avatar in top right corner and choose “Calibration” from “Options”.
Player: From the list, choose your capture cart and click “Confirm NES Video Selection”

Player: Then start the game on Level 0 and click “Click here to calibrate”.

Player: When the button is clicked: The small field on the left should show your gamefield exactly like it shows by your NES.

If things look good: Click “Click here to save calibration”
You, the player, should now be calibrated!
Player: You should be able to enter any room on maxoutclub now. Please try and enter your own:
  1. For example https://maxoutclub.com/yourtwitchname
    Note: Admin/referee must be owner of Twitch channel/account to do administrative options such as count down, win management and more,
  2. Player: Please join there and play a game. Things should go correctly.
Once MOC is okay, time to test the camera of the player. For the camera we are using OBS.ninja (not camera option)
Player may also put this link as a BROWSER SOURCE in OBS to watch https://maxoutclub.com/twitchchannelname/obs
In case of playing a match. First player must marc the checkbox “Ready to Play”
Keep MaxOutClub visible on screen at all times.
Player MUST remember to have Maxoutclub visible on screen AT ALL TIMES – otherwise the site will not be working properly.