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Celebrating PAL's Classic Tetris Players


ClassicTetris.eu has undergone some touch-ups. Lighter colours to slightly match the front of the original Tetris.com more and the expression they see fit for Tetris. The yellow is kept as CTEC & CTWC often turns to these colours

Menu: Categories have been reordered and I expect to adjust more as we go. The aim is to create a site that informs about Tetris in Europe (including CTEC) while also state the general set of rules for tournaments – which are not “just” assigned to CTEC 2021. I hope to gather a database of past events to dive into.

I will hopefully soon be able to open up for profiles so players can fill in the blanks of when they did what and where they are from. It should also serve as a useful app when CTEC On Location is happening in Copenhagen and players want to meet up. I am keeping this on a bit of a hold since the hacker attack last year.