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Huge update with schedule & more

The Danish team met on location today and with your questions & suggestions from Discord & GoogleForm we are able to announce the following. 

  • It is very clear that the lack of communication especially on Discord is something that troubles many of us. That is fully understood and fully understandable. I, Chriss, talked to Svavar yesterday (Wednesday) and Svavar offered to help us out by joining the team. Svavars role on the team is to gather questions and requests for me to answer. It will make it all more quick and we should see more CTEC activity on Discord from now on. Svavar will announce how he approaches it himself so a huge thanks to Svavar and welcome onboard. 
  • Tickets: CTEC 2022 is FREE! 
  • Food: We will not be selling food. Guests and players may consume their food in a special section while drinks of any kind must be bought on the premises. It will also be possible to buy alcohol. 
  • Expo: This year will be all about Tetris and the community. So we will not be setting up market – however, Nintendopusheren (Retro Game Shop at Ydunsgade 4-6 in 2200 Copenhagen) has promised to bring controllers to CTEC for guests & players to buy if one wish to do so. Players are of course – as always – welcome to use their own original Nintendo controller and there will also be controllers available at each Tetris station for players to use.
  • User profiles. We might open up for players to create user profiles which will be helpful during competition and also for players to find each other. User handle/nick with a picture can help a lot.
  • Qualification: NES: CTEC 2022 it will only be level 18 during qualification. We acknowledge that 15+ has qualities too, but CTEC 2022 will be a year without it. The system for participating will be que/line unless other is made possible. Qualification will be a single game per sit-down with the highscore noted and we will look into number of maxouts + kicker. Number of stations for NES qualification are 10 consoles guaranteed + 2 rental (we expect more and might also borrow). Game Boy: Like NES qualification will be based on highscores and then “vs mode” for bracket. Number of seeds for the Game Boy bracket is still to be announced.
  • Bracket: To meet to wish for information we inform the following, but this might change and is to be seen as guidelines to what may be expected on the day of competition. NES: Bracket of 32 with starting level 18 as minimum. We saw the new level of skill at CTWC and expect the games to last longer. However, there will not be a limit this year in the form of level to stop at or set-time to play. Players will compete as usual according to qualification scores (lowest qualification score compete against highest qualification score) and play in twos. To respect the clock, 4 players (playing in twos) will be playing at the same time until the schedule leaves room for only two players at the same time. So far we expect time to only allow “Single Elimination” so no silver/losers bracket this year as we must be careful with time. Should one or more of the players feel the urge to set it up and if time allows us, then let us know, we will then leave some stations on for that. But please let us know in good time if you are interested in setting it up under the conditions described.
  • Best of # during the different rounds are still being decided. 
  • Rental stations. Two rental stations of 1 hour time slots will be available. How to sign-up/pay & price will be announced later.
  • NES 4Fun: There will be a NES placed with a CRT for amateur/casual visitors to play on too. That station is not for qualification but for fun and to help the queue get smaller for guests who want to give it a quick go. 
  • We have been informed that many will be going to Bip Bip Bar already Thursday. 
  • Pre-party. We follow CTWC standards and accept all styles of play (DAS, hypertapping & rolling) is welcome. We haven’t seen it played out in CTEC as of yet. We acknowledge the styles changes the game and will see how it plays out. Maybe an extra prize for all 3. 
  • Program/Schedule: There is a strong wish for program and to help those of you who travel (train, car, hotel etc.) we have decided to announce the expected program but please keep in might that changes & adjustments might be done later on. We can say that the expected times are as follows: Friday: From 15:00 to 21:00. Saturday from 12:00 to 22:00. Please note that the competition is Friday and Saturday with a final party after winners are announced. This might change next year, but we want to accommodate players who travel and have responsibilities the following monday.



*the program might be adjusted if necessary*

Friday 18th (15:00-21:00)

15.00 Doors open. Guests and gamers are welcomed.

15.00 Six hours of NES & GAME BOY qualification is on.

21:00 Friday’s NES & GAME BOY qualifications are over and active players are welcome to be played and the ending score counts as submission for CTEC 2022.

> Rental stations follow the schedule of qualification but we will look into how players can play their last game without interfering with other time slots. 

* Game Boy players: Please notice that Friday holds the most Game Boy qualification hours.

Saturday 19th (12:00 – 22:00)


12:00 Doors open. Guests and gamers are welcomed.

12:00 Three hours of NES qualification is on.

15:00 Saturday’s NES qualification rounds end (9 hours in total)

– One hour break to change setup, eat, stay hydrated and socialize.

16:00 NES: Qualifiers (32) are announced and the competition begins.

21:00 NES: Finals!

– Once the finals are played, the winners of both NES & GAME BOY CTEC 2022 are  announced

22:00 Goodnight and see you at Bip Bip Bar.


12:00 Doors open. Guests and gamers are welcomed.

12:00 Last hour of GAME BOY qualification is on (4 in total)

13:00 Game Boy matches with two against two (vs. mode) starts.

14:30 Game Boy Finals are expected.

15:00 CTEC 2022 Game Boy tournament has found its winner who will be announced and celebrated when the NES tournament is settled too.

– One hour break to change setup, eat, stay hydrated and socialize.

21:00 CTEC 2022 winners of both Game Boy & NES are called to the stage, announced and celebrated after the NES Finals!

22:00 Goodnight and see you at Bip Bip Bar.