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Suggestions & questions

Hello fellow brick flippers! Time for celebrate the best NES Tetris PAL & Game Boy players! It is with much excitement we stepped aside and weatched CTWC reaching new levels of play and production. Huge inspiration for now, when it is our turn. However, CTEC will do our tournament a bit different – as usual.

Quick recap

  • We have digged up all the former years equipment, started testing and added more.
  • The museum where we were located last time – and has booked us in this time – have had to postpone their official opening. The last couple of years have been used on rebuilding and improving the facilities. I, Chrisstoffer, is curating the games section and we agreed that CTEC should still be held at the venue (more on this later in the post). The address is: Enigma, Øster Allé 3 2100 København Ø (Copenhagen East). https://www.enigma.dk
  • Enigma Museum will be the location of the annual CTEC looking forward too.
  • Planing has made it possible to book the date: 18th & 19th giving room for CTWC and the players.. This is the 3rd week of November and s also going to be the CTEC week in years to come. It is finally possible to provide a permanent address and date for CTEC.

Local CTEC Team 2022
It is necessary with a strong local team to realize CTEC. I am therefore proud to have reached out & found it. Names will be announced very soon & we will meet up this Thursday too. Work has been going on for a long time and it will be such an exciting CTEC year!

Please read:
I would very much like to receive help with CTEC from players and attendees outside Denmark too, I was amazed about the talent (and still am) found when creating CTEC online. It would had been impossible for me to do without you, If you, or someone you know, is up for helping CTEC on location or from afar - then let me know. Your knowledge and skills are appreciated. Please use the googleform link at the bottom of this post.

I understand the need for communication although I must admit I am not the best at it. For that I am sorry – I simply put my head into the work of CTEC to create the space and possibilities. So please submit your questions to the googleform below & I will try my best to answer. Some questions might require the team & the director of the museum’s attention which I will grab this Thursday. If requested in the googleform then I will do a live streamed Q&A too.

With the museum opening a bit later than expected and after CTEC we will have a great space just to ourselves. It will be full-on Tetris with gaming stations inviting you to play different variations of this great game via multiple console systems set-up. I also bought an original Hatris PCB for arcade – so there’s that. There will not be an expo as all the attention will be on CTEC & the love for Tetris. It is both your & Tetris’ time to shine.

We will compete on the NES & Game Boy as we have done previous years. The qualifications might be changed a bit according to 2022 and the level of skills we see.
Please use the googleform to express your opinion as I know this is a subject where we have a community who both own passion & knowledge when it comes to rules, style, demands, structure and so on.
Regarding Game Boy, it is still on the classic brick but with a backlit mod. I have been considering IPS solution and have also been considering opening up to other official Game Boy handheld consoles with the original Tetris playing. You are most welcome to state your opinion in this matter as well through the link.
I hope to make side-competitions as well but this is depending on the participation of teammembers.

Looking forward to hearing from you & hopefully see you next month as we experience CTEC 2022!

Your biggest fan, Chriss!

Link to Q&A googleform: https://forms.gle/ob1kiqm2DvCeD1DY9