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Dyst / Commentators (you?) / Stream / NES stations

A SNES has been hooked up at Bip Bip Bar tonight where Dyst did his tournament. Thank you Dyst for making the Tetris week a reality.

Donation from Bobby to this year’s winner is also submitted today. Bobby is the owner of www.rubenogbobby.dk vintage toys and retro game shop with more than 10 years experience in Copenhagen.

The last tables has been arranged today and the different console systems (for other Tetris variations) and the free and rental qualification section has been throughly tested. Had concerns regarding some of the PVMs in the qualification area but they were all friendly and wanted to show Tetris.

Commentators. We really need commentators for Saturday. I will setup a dedicated table with two table mics. Please let me know if you are up for the it – every voice counts. You do not need to do multiple hours.

We met resistance from the newly bought capture cards. Matisyahu showed what a trooper he is and magician behind the computer. The signal kept messing up but some older spare capture cards from the CTEC techboxes did the trick.

While setting up the streaming station for brackets we also aim at setting up an extra station for Friday’s qualifications. It will be two separate stations as moving the PC during the event will not work. So two stations – double the fun. Also a tip on the hat to Muf and Sumez for making that clear years ago.

Setting up 19 NES Tetris stations (12 free qualifications, 6 rental and 1 audience station) was a challenge in itself. Original cartridges and systems needing a clean and activating spare/extra ones. Yup, we are back in the game and it is nice being able to provide it without having to ask players to bring theirs. We might try and make two stations for the audience making it a total of 20. But no promises – Mads/Nintendopusheren.dk just got a really fun idea we have to see if we can make happen.

Looking forward to see you in a few days! I will be checking in on Discord every day so let me know if you want to help out.

Your biggest fan