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Dyst & Battle Gaiden

CTEC is about community & the many persons who participate. Dyst is once again ready to play outside the CTEC walls and do his magic at Bip Bip Bar, Fælledvej 7, 2200 Copenhagen. It is always great fun and a cozy way to meet others and to play with Dyst. Since he is also a name in the poetry world he asked for Wednesday the 16th (CTEC week) and once again supports the idea of a whole week dedicated to Tetris here in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Dyst describes it this way:

“Hello Tetris people! on Wednesday the 16th of November I will once again be hosting two small side tournaments were we will find a new CST2C (Classic Super Tetris 2 Champion) and CTBGC (Classic Tetris Battle Gaiden Champion)… the glorious event will take place at Bip Bip Bar, it will start at 8PM with Super Tetris 2 (with Tetris Battle Gaiden starting immediately after) and you can win homemade trophies and eternal glory and stuff…. signup for both tournaments will be at the bar upstairs.”


About the game: https://tetris.wiki/Tetris_Battle_Gaiden