On Location Copenhagen Denmark

RankNameCountryQualifying Score
4UliGermany/Great Brittain476.133
8AlexGreat Brittain500.414
16LucyGreat Brittain/Scotland421.707


(Digital Flyer)
Want to be a hero? Want to be the center of attention? Want the glory, the fame? Want the girls’n’boys to come up and say, “Hi, I see that you’re good at Tetris”?
Now is the time! Time for Tetris!
We have searched for years and found the number one, more than once! But now, now the title is up for grabs. So take control flip the bricks and become, the Tetris European Champion of 2018! The Classic Tetris European Championship (CTEC) is an open cup, which means, it is held on European ground but also welcoming players to compete who live outside of Europe.
We compete on the European standard, which means, we play the PAL (and not the NTSC) version of Tetris for the Nintendo Entertainment System.
The championship is held in the Tetris Capital of Europe, Copenhagen (Denmark) and our location is as close to the central station as possible. 500 meters or so!
More informations on the competetions, timeschedules, systems which we will compete in, tickets, rules, and more, soon to come!
The Classic tetris European Championships are held in collaboration with Retroexpo.
2018 is the first year of Retro Expo, and is in fact, the first Retrogame fair of it’s kind, in Denmark.
Part of the money raised from the Retrogaming expo goes to building of the “Gaming History Museum”, which will become a permanent museum in Copenhagen.
Now that we are in the process of planning, we are looking for volunteers, collaborators and many others who will help create game culture and game history.
There will be arcade sections, gaming stations, flea market, Classic Tetris European Championship. and lecturers. Several activities will be announced soon.
Friday 14th:
15.00 Doors open. Guest and gamers are welcomed
15.00-20.00 NES Qualification rounds + sign-up for gameboy
Saturday 15th:
12:00 Doors open. Guest and gamers are welcomed.
12:00 NES: Qualification rounds begins
15:00 NES: Qualification rounds ends
15:30 Short break. Showing of the Tetris doc: This Could Change history.
16:15 NES: Qualifiers (16) are announced and the competition begins.
20:00 NES: Finals.
12:00 Doors open. Guest and gamers are welcomed.
12:00-12.30 GB: Sign-up for Game boy Tetris European Championship
12:30-15.00 GB: Matches with two against two (vs. mode) starts.
15:00-15.30 Short break. Showing of the Tetris doc: This Could Change history.
15:30-16.00 GB: last matches
16.00 GB: Winner is annouced
*the program might be adjusted within the next week if nessecary*
(digital flyer)

To promote CTEC 2018, Bip Bip Bar arranged NES Tetris Stations for guests to play for free.
Promo Text (in Danish):
Er du klar til at dyste om titlen som Europa mester i Tetris?
Så kom forbi Bip Bip Pop-up Bar fredag og lørdag og træn dine fingerfærdigheder, øjekoordinationer, og reaktionsevner, når vi stiller NES konsoller op med Tetris.
Det er gratis at spille.
Åbningstid: Fre-lør: 16-02
The tournament has changed location last minute, and will be hosted at Huset, 15 minutes from the central station! That means that the Retro Expo will have free entrance! Everything else will run as planned.
Practical info: CTEC will be hosted at Copenhagen Retro Expo, at Huset. For more info regarding the expo, visit the event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/317835625453588/?ti=cl
Participating in CTEC is FREE, and does not require sign-up. Everybody who shows up, can participate in qualification rounds
The qualification rounds are time based, and competitors can try as many times as they like. Competitors must start at level 9 to qualify.
The 16 highest scores will qualify for the championship.
The Championship will, like it’s previous years, be streamed online.
Tetris afterparty is hosted by Bip Bip Pop-Up Bar, at Rådhusstræde 13. Afterparty event details can be found at: https://www.facebook.com/events/188714478563643/