Timeslots for rental NES stations


This is the first year with a rental option and a booking system so please be patient if waiting time occurs during booking process.

Adjustments and improvements might be made as we learn more.


Price: $10/hr
Number of NES stations: 6
* More real stations might be added if needed.

Slot Per person: 1 max

Streaming: Rental stations might be streamed.

Start – end time:
– Friday: From 16:00 to 20:00
– Saturday: From 13:00 to 15:00
* Last timeslot starts an hour before ending time.
** An hour from opening to start has been left “open”/unavailable.

Last round will be called for group of 4 that all start at the same time (as with CTWC). The game is allowed to be played until finished.

Do not leave the booking site until booking is confirmed

Payment platforms: PayPal & Stripe (with credit card options).

Pending/unpaid will be cancelled automatically by the system.

The booking system is a third part paid product by “Booking Calendar” to make sure all your private informations are handled professionally.



All stations are currently booked. There will be qualification stations available for free too.

Click on the list to see available NES Rental Stations & find available time slots for each station.

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