About CTEC C-2021

2021 is a year where CTEC was given the chance to focus on the online championship due to another year of Covid-19. Denmark was open to events with thousands of participants, but decided, that everyone should be able to participate or the championship would not be the same.

CTEC is about community which we see when organising online championships as well. The team consists of Classic Tetris Players who volunteer and the funding is done via donations.

The shirt is a celebration of Classic Tetris & CTEC which crosses time and borders with another championship!


Donaters of CTEC 2021 online will receive a discount as a thank you. Please go to this post to read more about it:

PayPal donation

The Design

The CTEC C-2021 is a limited edition shirt that will only be sold until CTEC 2022 products are available. It is released during CTEC 2021 online.

The design is a reference to the Covid-19 (SARS-CoV-2) molecule with tetramonis in a red-like colour (grabbed from the picture) with the logo in grey tones. Covid-19 is why CTEC went online and why we will compete in this format in 2021 and maybe years to come. 

The word “PAL” in the logo reference the region standard for the European standard while CTEC invites the world to play and compete on PAL as an “Open Cup”. 

The “reversed” logo was introduced back in 2019 and during the planing of CTEC 2021 Online it was agreed to be the standard version from 2021. The “reversed” logo is the same as CTWC but the top rows of blocks are mirrored. It is done to symbolise that CTEC (PAL) is the same as CTWC (NTSC) – but different. 

Furthermore, the logo has been slightly edited to write 2021. The year of the limited CTEC shirt!

The label in the neck will show the new “reversed” logo as a sign of authenticity.

The tetramino-blocks are half the size of the CTEC blocks symbolising online championship being half of CTEC with the other part being “On location”.

Collect your Discount

Send your name & a screenshot of your donation confirmation to chrisstoffer@gmail.com (spelled with two 2’s) entitled: “CTEC Donation Discount”.

You will receive an email with your unique code for discount & a guide to how you claim yours.

Please be patient as this process is manual and time consuming and is created during the championship to malke sure everyone will be informed about the offer.

Flynn's Factory

We are using Flynn’s Factory as our partner to make sure discount is possible and to keep all costs as low as possible. We understand that CTEC products are created and bought to support CTEC which is why CTEC gets 100% of the profit made with each sale.

Products are individually created once they are ordered ensuring less waste and minimum economical risk for CTEC when creating future designs. 

Covid Molecule


ORIGINAL (Reversed)



#C0C0C0 html silver

#555555 Darker grey 

#ff5555 “Red Tetraminoes”

Colours on print might vary from appearance on screen

Shirt or no shirt

we hope to see you all in person in 2022.