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CTEC has celebrated classic Tetris and its players since 2015 and is excited to extend the legacy.

CTEC 2022 is here and it is time to go back to some ol’skool classic Tetris on location!

Sign Up

Can be done on the day of tournament upon arrival to the location. An online sign-up function to add a profile on the players is in the works too. 


Friday the 18th of November from 15:00 to 21:00 and

Saturday the 19th of November from 12:00 to 22:00


Enigma Museum

Øster Alle 3,

2100 Copenhagen East


> Neighbour to Trianglen Metro Station

“Trianglen” is a fairly known spot in Denmark and people on the street will know where.

If in doubt then look for “Enigma Museum ” which is the old big post office. 

Same location as in 2018


Free (both days)

Rental Stations

This option has a dedicated page.

(under construction)


32 player bracket has been requested by many. To respect the longer matches and the schedule we expect to set up so 4 players play at the same time (competing in pairs as usual) until the time frame clears and we can focus on single 2 player matches. This means, two matches will be played at the same time.

Weekend Overview

DAY ONE: Friday is full of qualification buzz & we expect high scores at a previously unseen level. Tensions are high and players fight for their spot in the 2022 championship bracket.

CTEC players can compete on both the 8-bit Nintendo Entertainment System & the handheld classic Game Boy. The program leaves room for both competitions. 

DAY TWO: Saturday. Let the pieces rain! Saturday will kick off with the last qualification scores and then it is on like the Tetris long … bar. Commentators will guide the audience through the fast-paced Tetris supported by cheering & gasps from the crowd. 

CTEC is an open cup and welcomes the whole world to play Tetris on PAL mode on original hardware and lovely CRT TVs  in Copenhagen. Classic eSports at its finest!

For guests/audience & players we have also set up a bunch of different Tetris versions on many different videogame console platforms to play for free. There is no pressure to play and we will also set up a fun-station for everyone to see how far they can get in this wonderful game. 

It is possible to buy soda & alcohol on location. Stay hydrated.

After the event we will meet up at the Tetris after-party Bip Bip Bar, Fælledvej 7, 2200 Copenhagen.



A Danish version is found at the eventpage on Facebook

Enigma Museum will officially open in 2023 and the rooms do not hold Museum articles when the event is held there. We are in the fully restored section – lending empty rooms to fill with Tetris love. 

Expected Program

*the program might be adjusted if necessary*

Tetris Week in Copenhagen

This is your chance to warm up before doors open to CTEC 2022. 

Activities and meet-ups will be announced for anyone who wants to meet-up in the spirit of Tetris. 


Dyst’s Battle Gaiden side-tournament!
CTEC is about community & the many persons who participate. Dyst is once again ready to play outside the CTEC walls and do his magic at Bip Bip Bar, Fælledvej 7, 2200 Copenhagen. It is always great fun and a cozy way to meet others and to play with Dyst. Since he is also a name in the poetry world he asked for Wednesday the 16th (CTEC week) and once again supports the idea of a whole week dedicated to Tetris here in Copenhagen, Denmark.
Dyst describes it this way:
“Hello Tetris people! on Wednesday the 16th of November I will once again be hosting two small side tournaments were we will find a new CST2C (Classic Super Tetris 2 Champion) and CTBGC (Classic Tetris Battle Gaiden Champion)… the glorious event will take place at Bip Bip Bar, it will start at 8PM with Super Tetris 2 (with Tetris Battle Gaiden starting immediately after) and you can win homemade trophies and eternal glory and stuff…. signup for both tournaments will be at the bar upstairs.”

CTEC 2022

The official program for the tournament days are stated below. It will be updated as new informations are available and when relevant news need to be added. 

Friday 18th (15:00-21:00)

15.00 Doors open. Guests and gamers are welcomed.

15.00 Six hours of NES & GAME BOY qualification is on.

21:00 Friday’s NES & GAME BOY qualifications are over and active players are welcome to be played and the ending score counts as submission for CTEC 2022.

> Rental stations follow the schedule of qualification but we will look into how players can play their last game without interfering with other time slots. 

* Game Boy players: Please notice that Friday holds the most Game Boy qualification hours.

Saturday 19th (12:00 - 22:00)

Nintendo Entertainment System (NES 8-Bit)

12:00 Doors open. Guests and gamers are welcomed.

12:00 Three hours of NES qualification is on.

15:00 Saturday’s NES qualification rounds end (9 hours in total)

– One hour break to change setup, eat, stay hydrated and socialize.

16:00 NES: Qualifiers (32) are announced and the competition begins.

      ONLY level 18 starts are allowed.

21:00 NES: Finals!

– Once the finals are played, the winners of both NES & GAME BOY CTEC 2022 are  announced

22:00 Goodnight and see you at Bip Bip Bar.


12:00 Doors open. Guests and gamers are welcomed.

12:00 Last hour of GAME BOY qualification is on (4 in total)

13:00 Game Boy matches with two players at once (one against one) playing vs. mode – starts.

14:30 Game Boy Finals are expected.

15:00 CTEC 2022 Game Boy tournament has found its winner who will be announced and celebrated when the NES tournament is settled too.

– One hour break to change setup, eat, stay hydrated and socialize.

21:00 CTEC 2022 winners of both Game Boy & NES are called to the stage, announced and celebrated after the NES Finals!

22:00 Goodnight and see you at Bip Bip Bar.



Please remember that we play on original Game Boys and that their hardware has this challenge. It is not the CTEC equipment, it is how the Game Boy is build.

As mentioned in the video – you are allowed to bring your own classic Game Boy. However, only to be used when we are not competing via VGA (as it will add benefits to some). VGA is expected in the finals and maybe earlier in the bracket. Depending on attendance and number of Game Boys brought along.

Link: facebook.com

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