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Hello, this is Chriss speaking.

As tradition follows, CTEC follows CTWC with our date announced after them.
So here it is!

Date: 18th & 19th November 2022 (third weekend of November).
Location: Enigma Museum, Øster Allé 3 2100 København Ø
NB! There will be activities all week.

The team has been informed and now … it is your turn! BOOM!
We are super excited to see you all again. No wait … SUPER excited. Not just a … hello nice to see you – excited. This is something we have been preparing equipment for last couple of years, dreaming of when we will setup the row of NES stations, linking the Game Boys together and celebrating the greatness of classic PAL Tetris and it’s players – you!

Same place & time next year too.
Since the early years of CTEC we have aimed for a permanent location with the same date every year. This has proven to be a bit difficult given the event being for free and therefore us having to borrow location for free too. However, through my work with Bip Bip Bar an opportunity arose – one which some of you already supported back in 2019 when Enigma Museum lent us several floors to play, compete and enjoy both CTEC and Retro Expo DK. The event went perfect and the excitement for Tetris, the interest in retro gaming and the community-feel charmed us all. Back then, the decision on placing CTEC at Enigma Museum was agreed upon as an extension of our project that we have worked on for years. Bip Bip Bar, Enigma Museum & I will be building a permanent gaming exhibition and the whole building has been rebuilded during lockdown. I have met with Enigma Museum regarding the future of CTEC and to consolidate the importance of recurring dates. This is now finally possible to offer! It means that you, the players, guests, community, friends, supporters, family and more, can book travels in advance and we, the team can improve the setup in our end year after year.

The date is also selected with respect to CTWC that announced they would be changing theirs to yearlier in the year before the pandemic. However, with the recent announcement we have tried to give as much room as possible for players to enjoy both NTSC with them and then later PAL with us. Without ending up in December.

The annual date is therefore: “3rd weekend in November”.

CTEC is set to be at the end of the year with the special aim of letting CTEC nationals submit a winner throughout the year who will auto-qualify at CTEC at the end of the year.

Players can compete on NES & Game Boy (vs mode via link cable). The two types of tournaments are placed so that everyone has a chance to try their skills in both if one wishes to do so.

Retro Expo DK
The 2nd hand marked, talks, game areas, workshops and more might be back in full play, but any reboot of this size needs some extra batteries before anything can be promised.

The winner will be celebrated on stage at CTEC and on the Saturday a party will be thrown in CTECs honor at Bip Bip Bar. The arcade bar is within walking distance from the Enigma Museum.

Tetris Week
A program for those of you who wish to visit Denmark earlier in the week than 18th – an activity schedule for the week will be made and meet-up points will be found there too. Copenhagen has many retro game shops, bars & cafes with video/arcade/pinball games and exciting stuff to experience – solo and as a community.

Your biggest fan