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CTEC 2022 & CTEC 2023

Hello CTEC!

Thank you all for an amazing experience with the first CTEC 2022 on location since 2019.
A year with posters celebrating past winners and a schedule demanding a unique panorama setup to compete with 10 stations instead of the planned 4.
A big congratulations to Alex_H for being the first to win at Game Boy 2 years in a row. and Sidnev for showing he could win 1st place both online and on location!
We started CTEC in 2015 almost defending the need for a championship. 2022 (if not before) certainly made it clear that the players achievements, the community’s dedication and our legacy is an unstoppable force. Two maxouts in one year, legendary!

We got some nice pictures to share soon and please get in contact with me, Chrisstoffer, on Discord and I would love to see your pictures and make a community archive on classictetris.eu amongst the “official” ones.
It is also possible to share and view community created media on: https://discord.gg/Cbed8QyP
Link will expire in 7 days but channel will stay open.

Though a number of new capturecards, new microphones, cables and more was bought – we still experienced issues. Setting up all week while using the familiar CTEC PC, adding back-up computers and more turned out to be a bigger task than expected. With much focus on arranging the event itself on location vonGoldschmidt was placed in a tough spot. We know the world is watching and we want to document all of it too. Sakurion stepped in and went to the venue with me from 8 in the morning since his arrival to Denmark. It is impossible to express the importance of his work for CTEC and the skills of this person. Thank you so much and thank you vonGoldschmidt for working with the stream knowing the pressure and challenges a live event like this holds.

How can I express how you all, each and everyone, means the world to CTEC? Driving together in groups by cars. Bringing computers, equipment and even a CRT! Flying to Denmark. Meeting up during the week. Laughing, gasping and being together across so many nationalities. The excitement needs no language – this is Tetris and we feel it.
To me, personally, I work to see CTEC on location all year every year. And I must say that it was such an important weekend to see familiar faces I have looked forward to for so many years. And now I can even add more of you! Thank you so much for being you and for supporting CTEC.

TEAM 2023
First of all let me say that I know I have been too “introverted” when working on CTEC. I tend to try and solve all problems myself and organizing CTEC on location has been the first time in many years for me too. The criticism of me needing to open up more is fully acceptable and taken in. I also see it as a need to want to improve CTEC rather than attacking me personally. I too would be of the same mind, if I was on the other side of the computer. I would also be afraid of anything as important as CTEC to depend so much on one person. For these and many other reasons I (still) want to expand the CTEC Team, actually, I want to restart the team. It is a new era for Classic Tetris but I invite everyone have helped in the past. The invitation is with a new energy and focus.
With that said, the CTEC Team can not be a direct continuation of 2019 as we have grown so much and the dedication of players are demanding more. The online team & community from 2019 & 2020 now plays a big role in our history and showed commitment and skills we should aim to include. I have been there every year and I have seen everyone taking responsibility and working for CTEC – hopefully we will see you on the team again. The new bigger online and international team is also to make sure that we uphold the name that you worked for too.
Though my updates vary from “new stations tested and ready for next year” to “location is now open and ready to setup” I will still respect the need for updates. I will (at least) dedicate a team meeting once a month every 3rd Tuesday starting December the 20th

Timeslot: 19:30 (CET/Danish time)
December the 20th 2022
January the 17th 2023
February the 21st 2023
March the 21st 2023
April the 18th 2023
May the 16th 2023
June the 20th 2023
July the 18th 2023
August the 15th 2023
September the 19th 2023
October the 17th
November CTEC 2023

Note: I expect more specific dates leading up to the event. We might also adjust according to vacations and the like. Once a google calendar is up and running then that will be the official calendar to follow.

CTEC Discord Server
Discord Category: CTEC TEAM
Channel: #teamvoice

Team Page:

CTEC 2023
Going forward we will keep the same date every year. Placing the event at the end of the year will allow room for national championships to find a winner. It should also respect the date of CTWC and allow players to adjust from NTSC to PAL. It will not conflict in case CTWC will change the date again according to Portland Retro Expo. Setting the date later might conflict with Christmas plans and everything around that holiday. .

DATE: 3rd weekend of November every year
It is still needed to looking into if booking more days (and how many) is needed.

Plan A
Enigma Museum
Øster Alle 3
2100 Copenhagen

Plan B
Other location in Copenhagen, most likely Nørrebro 2200 Copenhagen

The Twitch videos are highlighted and downloaded. There might be a few sound issues but as the championship went on we decided it was time for the whole building to only hear Twitch Safe Royalty Free music.
The music in the background is this list: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zyNjF_PIvGM
Wingfryer has been so kind to create the following startingpoints

Top 32 https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1657256324?t=00h16m05s
Top 16 https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1657256324?t=01h07m19s
Quarterfinals: Top 8 (Part 1) https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1657608955?t=02h21m52s
Quarterfinals: Top 8 (Part 2) https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1657256324?t=02h43m02s
Semi-Finals: Top 4 (Part 1) https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1657256324?t=03h17m38s Semi-Finals: Top 4 (Part 2) https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1657608955?t=04h06m30s Third Place Match https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1657608955?t=04h55m27s
Finals https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1657256324?t=05h25m47s
Video Of Finals Only https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1657606694
Winners Get Their Trophies https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1657256324?t=06h19m00s

Thanks to everyone who pointed their attention towards our players. Thanks to the players and to all who traveled from far. To everyone who signed the NES and to all the guests showing up and all who tuned in. Thanks to Enigma Museum for the location and for wiring up the internet for the event. Thanks to the volunteers who stepped in, the referees and the commentators who worked for CTEC and found constant energy, assignments and fun with everyone.
Thanks to sponsors: Bozz.dk, Nintendopusheren, Ruben & Bobby and Bip Bip Bar.
You all make CTEC better and make CTEC want to be.
Looking forward to plan 2023 with the new team.

Your biggest fan