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Hello everyone! We are so excited to bring you our news!
We are currently gathering items and testing our equipment with the aim of arranging CTEC 2022 On Location! We plan on arranging CTEC 2022 a weekend at the end of the year. With retro game shops, Bip Bip Bar (arcade bar) and a great Danish retro gaming community – everyone is naturally welcome to spend a whole week of Tetris fun in Denmark as Copenhagen has many options.

Venue: Still aiming at Enigma which is the venue where CTEC was held in 2019 before the pandemic. I, Chrisstoffer, will be attending a meeting with Martin who is the exhibition manager at Enigma Museum next week. Enigma is in the process of rebuilding large sections of their buildings including the area where we would like to play. The aim is to find a venue where we can hold the annual CTEC. This will allow us to plan much more ahead with the tournament in the same month every year. Our equipment/storage is also expanding and with an international team setting up systems, recordings, streaming and everything needed to make CTEC better every year we too look forward to this. A schedule, address and knowledge about the frame in which we will set up the stream and go live is also needed to make sure the team knows the tech details. Players will finally be able to know what to aim for and when to start looking for official dates. The audience around the world will also be able to be informed about the stream much earlier ahead.

But, it is honestly a bit more difficult to reboot what we are used to. CTEC had been a tournament and event that grew yearly however with a break like this some of the work is a bit more difficult. But the challenge is accepted! It might result in a CTEC with a smaller crowd as it is uncertain if it is possible to arrange the Retro Expo too. CTEC is the first priority and if the final venue and circumstances allows it – then we know how to flip ideas and place the pieces together so 2nd hand markets, retro gaming area, talks and all that good pixeljuice can be served as the players compete and new friendships appear.

To improve from critique I am looking into qualification and how this can be done without the need of players standing in line. We are also looking into setting up specific qualification stations that only allow high level entry. More on this some other time.

GAME BOY – Oh yes, we will (of course) see the return of the Game Boy tournament. Tetris on the Classic Game Boy is a huge part of CTEC and will be displayed on big screen and streamed online as players compete head to head with only a link cable in between.

As stated in the beginning, CTEC will be at the end of the year if Covid and other challenges in that category don’t make it impossible. It is important that everyone has a fair chance to participate. CTEC respects the CTWC calendar and with Portland Retro Expo now being moved to happen earlier in the year we are continuing with our event at the end of the year. Another reason is the aim of letting National CTEC tournaments auto-qualify for CTEC 2022 on location. With an official CTEC schedule where countries submit their date it will be something to stay updated on all year with the CTEC at the end. More on this some other time.

As tradition prefers, we will end the week on Saturday with a huge game party at Bip Bip Bar in the honour of classic Tetris. www.ClassicTetris.eu should also be ready with a community guide so players know how and where to meet up during and outside tournament schedule.

If all else fails I am able to guarantee a tournament at Bip Bip Bar with closed doors Sunday and entrance for qualifiers/sign ups. However – I still want to aim for a bigger space and a room/area only for CTEC. Announcing a specific date now could end up with the smaller choice as a locked date is very difficult to work with. Every year I plan according to the venue’s schedule as CTEC does not have the economy to book/rent such spaces at the normal price. This is something that should change soon and hopefully this year.

We are a strong community with many skills. Players and team members made sure CTEC would be possible online the two previous years and is also the reason why it is possible to say that we will experience CTEC 2022 on location!

Your biggest fan,