CTEC 2021 Press Release


Classic Tetris European Championship was played foir the first time in 2015 and the number of players has grown as the many in-game lines of Tetris’ have disappeared. The tournament is executed on the “European” PAL-format as an open cup with players participating from all over the world. Every year we see skills at a next level and challenges like the “kill screen” are now called “thrill screen” with players spinning, tocking, stacking, building and amaze. Reflexes, pattern recognition and hand & eye coordination are testet to find the best classic Tetris performance humanly possible. On the quest to challenge Tetris itself, techniques like “hypertappen” are adapted but in 2021 we saw the method of playing with the original Nintendo controller – from the 8-bit Nintendo Entertainment System – upside down, placing the D-pad on the right side and performing what has given this technique its name: “Rolling”. Yes, players challenge themselves, the game and the way they communicate with it. Over 80 players placed a qualification score with only the top 32 to qualify and enter CTEC 2021 Online.


SIDNEV / Netherlands
JESPER / Sweden
HYBRID / Germany
MOJA / Germany
MORKOS / Finland
TUGI / Austria


This is Classic eSports at its finest and on the ClassicTetrisEurope channel on Twitch.tv this Saturday the 12th of December at 16:00 UTC – the Top 8 will compete to find the winner of CTEC 2021.

WHO: Top 8 Players.

WHAT: Classic Tetris European Championship Finals! 

WHERE: twitch.tv/ClassicTetrisEurope

DATE & TIME: 12th of December 2021 from 16:00 UTC

MORE INFORMATION: www.classictetris.eu