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CTEC 2021 Brackets!

The 32 talented Classic Tetris Pal Players who are qualified for this year’s CTEC are found!

Players will compete in groups of 8 with the top 2 players getting to compete for the finals on December the 12th 2021.

Due to size of team and the introduction of new features such as MaxOutClub it has been decided to focus on the main tournament this year – which will not leave room for silver bracket. We thank you all for requesting more game time, however, it is important to make CTEC run as smooth as possible and make sure the winner is found under best circumstances possible.

We encourage you all to try Classic Tetris Pal (link) for more Tetris fun all year round.

The frontpage has been updated with “quick links” & the 4 groups of 32 players in total.

For schedule, please jump to Schedule (link)

All players must get acquainted with MaxOutClub developed by Trey from CTWC. It is a great tool for us to display stats live as players compete online. We have made a guide for you to go through before we contact you to make sure your setup works: MaxOutClub guide (link)