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CTEC 2020 Competition Updates

We understand that a lot of you need official informations regarding the tournament 2020. Thank you all for hanging in there while the Europe we were used to are fighting a pandemic. We are not looking lightly on your investment in Tetris and for sharing and competing in this shared passion. The world is affected by Covid-19 and it has been necessary to await official international announcements and is especially difficult but important when arranging a gathering while isolation has been the best option many places earlier this year. The special circumstances require unique ideas, talents and alternative methods to make an event like Classic Tetris European Championship happen. New tournament expressions and forms of competing are also to be seen around the world, like when we look towards CTWC who are arranging an all-online event this year. The work around CTEC 2020 is unlike any other year and has proven difficult to for any respectable official news be made public, but it is time.

Date: November (moved from September) – 2 days event but expect to stay a week (more info follows)

Area/location: Copenhagen, most likely Nørrebro (official address are expected next week)

The CTEC team is constantly adapting our expectations to the situation with Covid-19 in relation with a physical tournament. Larger venues which normally host large gatherings are not available due to the current safety requirements. 

This means: Retro Expo DK 2020 will not be hosting CTEC 2020, as the amount of guests from Retro Expo DK and CTEC combined will exceed the number or people most places can manage these days.

CTEC 2020 is still focusing on setting up a live tournament with players competing in person and we still want to make the CTEC community spirit available during the days of competition.

Travel: Borders of Denmark:

Denmark decided to close to borders at the early stages of Coved-19, and are now opening them up. This is important for you, who want to travel and compete in person.

Generally: Countries outside EU, Schengen and Great Britain are currently (29/7-20) defined as countries in quarantine unless the country is specifically pointed out as an open country.

There are three defined types of “restrictions”/country types or concerns to be aware of:

1. Open countries.

You are allowed to visit Denmark if you live in an open country but you have to document that you are here for: Jobinterview, work, services and the like. Competing in tetris is most likely not a valid reason, but is niether one that has been tested – yet.

However, if you can document (via rentpapers from hotel, vacation house, Danish person accommodating you or the like) that your stay is here is with six nights or more (sleepovers) then you will be allowed access from an open country. 

We will upload a document which has been approved when our close family has travelled between Finland and Denmark. It is to be handed in when you enter Denmark by plane or by car. There is of yet no official document available. Feel free to use what has worked for us – but at own risk.

2. Countries in quarantine 

People from these countries are to be refused entrance to Denmark at the borders. Unless they have creditable reason to enter, such as work. 

If you have address in Denmark but is to arrive from a country in quarantine but has a valid reason for entering such as jobinterview, then you are required to show a negative covid-19 test taken minimum 72 hours before trying to entering. 

Owners of Danish vacation house, boat and such have special rules.

We aim at setting up a solution for all European players who can not attend CTEC 2020 due to their local Covid-19 lock-down. More info below

3. Bordercountries

Citizens of Norway, Slesvig-Holstein, Skåne and Halland or Blekinge are allowed access at the borders solely by documenting their place of living. These is the case when the government meets the demands of being an open country.

DISCLAIMER: It is your responsibility to find the right solution, if any, for your travel and CTEC can not be held responsible for any problems regarding travels. All information is made as a service to help you prepare but might be including errors, missed updates or other situations.

Individual countries might have individual rules regarding quarantine upon arriving home. Keep this in mind for when you return home to school, job, family and such. 

Current country status:

Countries with yellow are open-countries (orange and blue are not):

https://politi.dk (…)

Source: https://virksomhedsguiden.dk/er (…)

Safety concerns: 

First of all: The following concerns are based on the current situation but might be updated according to the dynamic Covid-19 situation, new/changed requirements, and number of players at the days of the event. There might be more rules added and some of the concerns might be removed.

  • There will be clear screens between players.
  • Safety distance between players will be respected. With options such as: assigned chairs, number system, time slots and more. 
  • Masks might be required in certain areas.
  • Disinfection requirement or the use of gloves. This is also relevant when bringing own controller.
  • Groups: Players who arrive in groups are to stay by the group if they want to socialize up to 50 people at closer distance than safety distance normally require at the time.
  • Audience: If venue and circumstances allows it, then special areas for audience will be assigned.

It is still a present concern that this gathering is not “just” a national gathering inside country-borders, but it is mainly an international gathering in a time where covid-19 has the status of being a pandemic which is still not under control in many countries. 

Safety is of most importance.

General social situation in Denmark

Denmark is currently still affected by Covid-19. But the country did a lock-down where most of the industry and social/public business were forced to close completely for more than a month. Many industries saw a complete lock-down with financial support from the government. It is now safe to go to bars, cafees, restaurants and other social spots. There are still official safety rules to control the situation nationally, such as a maximum amount of people related to the physical space, maximum amounts of people in groups are being (re-)defined and public places for gathering are currently closing at 00:00.. 

Ticket sale:

CTEC 2020 will be requiring a ticket to enter so we can control the number of players and possible number of audience.We have tried donation as an option and lending free hands, equipment (games, systems, venues, chairs/tables, screens, games, controllers, streaming system) and more for many years now. CTEC has grown to a size where it is impossible to meet the standard players respectfully requires and the high level of coordination and setup in relation with competition for free. 

Note: Unfortunately we can not offer tickets with a refund this year. 

Safety requires a lot of extra unique funding, new fully equipt seats for a growing community and new initiatives. 

Everything around the year 2020 is so fragile and demands that we appeal to your understanding. We hope you can see the ticket as a form of donation but at the same time due to Covid-19 circumstances also a kind of “donation” which CTEC requires to move forward regardless of what we (still) have to face in 2020.

We can not offer tickets to be transferred to next year in case of cancel as next year might also meet new challenges and no new income is to be trusted upon. However, in case of a forced CTEC 2020 cancel, we will offer 50% off the CTEC 2021 to those who wish the discount.

Price is to come and is related to venue, equipment, number of expected players.

Nationals and qualifications.

  • If your European country has cancelled the Classic Tetris National Tournament due to Covid-19 – and for that reason – is not sending the winner to automatically qualify at Classic Tetris European Championship 2020 (CTEC 2020), then the winner of the current National Classic Tetris Tournament 2021 will automatically be qualified to CTEC 2021.
  • If your European country has placed the Classic Tetris National Tournament 2020 later same year as Classic Tetris European Championship 2020 (CTEC 2020) due to Covid-19, then the winner of the Classic Tetris National Tournament 2020 and the winner of Classic Tetris National Tournament 2021 will automatically qualify to CTEC 2020. This means, that should the winner of both Tournaments happen to be the same person, then the winner will be using the best score if relevant. If the winners are two different persons, then two different persons are automatically qualified. 
  • Official Classic Tetris National Tournaments which are managed as an online event and streamed live in 2020 are treated the same way as tournaments that requires the attendance of the players to be in person.

Competition off and online:

We realise the experience is quite a different experience when mixing online and offline players but so is the time we are currently competing in. 

Main focus is to arrange CTEC 2020 in a safe way and open up to as many players as possible while keeping it as fair as possible. 

STREAM: We aim at streaming the event, but the online-appearance might differ from other years. 

Players from countries that are in quarantine might be able to compete through a direct stream. It is not a permanent solution for future championships and is still one that we have to test before making it an official way of competing in 2020. We acknowledge that playing from home or in front of an audience is two different environments but are opening up for the alternative way of competing when there are no other ways of competing.