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We understand that the communication has been at an absolute low. This is the result of not wanting to announce anything official that would be changed the week after. The tournament is affected by the situation of all countries especially in Europe. While mainly making sure that Denmark was a safe level that could welcome all Tetris players who wanted to participate in CTEC on location.

However, the current Covid-19 situation is apparent to all of us and things will not be stable.

The government held a press-conference that ended less than an hour where they announced new regulations.

It is time for update even if the update is not saying too much or is not capable of stating anything for certain.

CTEC will have a meeting with the venue next week where we will go over our plans and options.

The dates 13th & 14th is planned accordingly to CTWC who is leaving room in their calendar for us going forward.

The CTEC dates will still be 13th and 14th of November 2020.

The format of competing and the demands of showing in person is something we will have to decide within next week. So far the plans was to make a hybrid competition where people who were not allowed to travel would be able to participate through stream.

Looking at the increasing number of people who attracted Covid-19 and the demands for more strict demands which can not be seen af simple guidelines: We are aware that we might have to do all of CTEC online this year.

Allow us to respect our friends at the venue before stating more on this.

I will be announcing more in the nearest future and understand that everything uncertain in my update leaves space for guessing and concerns. But you need to know that we work harder than ever and is saddened by the situation. We will be playing NES Tetris on the PAL version and we will find the champion of 2020. But in many ways, this is a new situation and we are learning, working and moving forward.

Your biggest fan

PS: The I am about done with rebuilding www.classictetris.eu database after the hack.