Congratulations & thank you for CTEC 2021 *spoiler alert*

*** SPOILER ALERT – WINNER ANNOUNCED *** Another new name is added to the elite classic Tetris club of CTEC winners. Congratulations SIDNEV! And congratulations to everyone else too for now being presented with a CTEC finale that displayed this amazing new level of skills. Thanks to both SIDNEV & FRACTAL for impressing us with […]


Stream is live and the schedule will be updated in case of difficulties. Good luck everyone!

Player Index

As we look for the winner of CTEC 2021 no past qualifiers are left forgotten. -JJ has been helping me collect informations and has styled it in a clean A4 format. The page will be updated and I thank -JJ for helping us. Go to: for the overview.

Qualification is over!

Qualification week is completed! And brackets will soon start. What an amazing display of quality classic Pal Tetris we have seen already. Follow your favourite players as they will be battling to win their group and later the final!

PayPal donation

It has been suggested that we open up for donation via PayPal. The solution from last year is a bit different as PayPal has decided to terminate donation of that kind. Flynn’s Factory – Once the CTEC webshop is up, it will be done together with “Flynn’s Factory” and donators from this year will receive […]

Congratulations once again!

Here it is – the trophy united with the winner of CTEC 2020 Online! It has been quite the journey and I am happy to see that the trophy will be in company with its owner WING while CTEC 2021 Online will be happening. A quick look back and it is easy to see how […]

Discord Section

As a part of integrating social media to in an effort to gather the community – a new section for Discord has seen the light of day.

Ticket prices.

We have made it free yet again. No submission fee, rent or charges. However, we encourage everyone to support us so we can improve the experience. Organizing an annual international tournament with ambitions and a growing community calls for funding. More info is available here:

Tournament Style 2021

CTEC has setup a “Tetris Task Team” for CTEC Online 2021. After our meeting this Friday, it was decided that we will continue with worked last year while expanding in the competition part of CTEC Online. CTP is a big part of the TTT and also why different versions of tournament styles have been debated, […]