Here we go!

Databases have been cleaned and the back-up has been installed. Welcome back to the website!

Site Update Nov-20

During CTEC 2020 – the website was very unstable. We are now in the process of executing a clean install. However, we have still been experiencing server error and have contacted If this is not dealt with we will have to move host ASAP. We are very sorry for all the trouble this has […]


Hello. We understand that the communication has been at an absolute low. This is the result of not wanting to announce anything official that would be changed the week after. The tournament is affected by the situation of all countries especially in Europe. While mainly making sure that Denmark was a safe level that could […]

CTEC – Planing has begun

Planing started early this year. Actually, it started last year. So 2020 will be the year where all pieces come together.