In light of this weeks Q&A, the upcoming CTEC Online 2021 sign-up and my reason decision to pay for extra security back-up of the page; I believe a news update in its place. Another year where the dreams of playing together on location was put on pause and made room for a full focused CTEC […]

Security update

The site has now transformed to: Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) version. PHP has been updated in the process. These steps are part of the process to secure the site for the future before opening op to the public and hold the online Classic Tetris European Championship (CTEC).

Comment Cleanup

With close to a thousand different bot/spam comments targeted different posts on the page we have seen it necessary to delete all comments and deactivated to function. T It is a part of the hack-attack and rebuil of database. Comments on updates and posts on this site have never been an active form of communication […]

CTEC 2020 will be 100% online

As promised, updates will be announced more often – even if more is to come soon after. We have been in contact with the venue and together decided that the most reasonable decision is to make Classic Tetris European Championship 100% online this year. We have worked hard since early this year and have made […]

Next piece of the newsteam?

We are looking for more writers for the news section. If you organize events or simply knows what’s up around Europe and the Tetris PAL community, then contact (2xs) and you will be given rights to post official news. is working on becoming a one stop info site with current news and event […]

New Old Pictures

The gallery section is happening. Link:

Official Facebook page.

The Classic Tetris Community has grown big. Time has come to start the work of officially gathering the events, tournaments and more. will be aiming at providing the first news about CTEC but at the same time letting CTEC stay as the main annual event “Classic Tetris European Championship” in Copenhagen. This means, that […]

Website news

The is undergoing a new change. However, you are welcome to follow the process as we gear up for a new 2020 season. Many of the sites will be under contruction like most of the internet in the 90’s. It is simply to make the teamwork more accessable across Europe while moving towards an […]