Hello, this is Chriss speaking. As tradition follows, CTEC follows CTWC with our date announced after them.So here it is! Date: 18th & 19th November 2022 (third weekend of November).Location: Enigma Museum, Øster Allé 3 2100 København ØNB! There will be activities all week. The team has been informed and now … it is your […]


Hello everyone! We are so excited to bring you our news!We are currently gathering items and testing our equipment with the aim of arranging CTEC 2022 On Location! We plan on arranging CTEC 2022 a weekend at the end of the year. With retro game shops, Bip Bip Bar (arcade bar) and a great Danish […]


In light of this weeks Q&A, the upcoming CTEC Online 2021 sign-up and my reason decision to pay for extra security back-up of the page; I believe a news update in its place. Another year where the dreams of playing together on location was put on pause and made room for a full focused CTEC […]

CTEC 2020 Sign-up Starts 31st of October 2020

The Sign-Up Form for CTEC 2020 online has now been made. We are undergoing quality-check and will be accepting submissions from tomorrow 31st of October 2020.Link for sign-up will be placed here on www.classictetris.eu

CTEC 2020 will be 100% online

As promised, updates will be announced more often – even if more is to come soon after. We have been in contact with the venue and together decided that the most reasonable decision is to make Classic Tetris European Championship 100% online this year. We have worked hard since early this year and have made […]

Official Date & Location

Covid-19 is playing tricks on the whole arrangement and we hope everyone is taking care and is safe out there. We are putting safety first and hope you will keep an open mind and understand that the challenge of organizing our event is greater than ever. The current status is that Denmark has reduced the […]

New official Corona rules in DK

New rules regarding travels have been announced It is no longer an official rule that tourists need to have 6 sleepovers when visiting Denmark. It is still only allowed to gather up to 100 persons at a venue like ours. All who travel with public transportation need to use a face mask. Stay tuned for […]

CTEC 2020 Competition Updates

We understand that a lot of you need official informations regarding the tournament 2020. Thank you all for hanging in there while the Europe we were used to are fighting a pandemic. We are not looking lightly on your investment in Tetris and for sharing and competing in this shared passion. The world is affected […]

Date Update (Corona 2020)

We are still working towards competing in September 2020. Should the virus situation demand a maximum number of guests lower than 1000 then we will try and find a way too (if allowed) and most likely do a Tetris event without Retro Expo DK as the expo will exceed the number of people allowed in […]