CTEC 2022 & CTEC 2023

Hello CTEC! Thank you all for an amazing experience with the first CTEC 2022 on location since 2019.A year with posters celebrating past winners and a schedule demanding a unique panorama setup to compete with 10 stations instead of the planned 4.A big congratulations to Alex_H for being the first to win at Game Boy […]


In light of this weeks Q&A, the upcoming CTEC Online 2021 sign-up and my reason decision to pay for extra security back-up of the page; I believe a news update in its place. Another year where the dreams of playing together on location was put on pause and made room for a full focused CTEC […]

CTEC 2020 Competition Updates

We understand that a lot of you need official informations regarding the tournament 2020. Thank you all for hanging in there while the Europe we were used to are fighting a pandemic. We are not looking lightly on your investment in Tetris and for sharing and competing in this shared passion. The world is affected […]