Day 2 of Brackets (incl. day 1 standings)

*SPOILER ALERT: CONTAINS CURRENT PLACEMENTS* BRACKETS OF DAY 1 32 QUALIFIED PLAYERS Yesterday went down like the first long piece after a draught. What an amazing experience. We saw a skill level like never before and the triple CTEC Champion Svavar won some and lost some but in the end got beaten, the winner of […]

First day of brackets!

Congratulations to all who have qualified and to you who are about to witness Classic Esports history! Today, Saturday, is the first day of CTEC 2021 Online. We are excited as we warm up our OBS, fire up the spreadsheets & dive into the profiles of the players who will be competing. We have seen […]

CTEC 2019 Gallery

Memories sweet memories. I went through a bunch of folders and sorted them so we can look forward to CTEC 2021 by remembering 2019. I look forward to commentate this year – and look forward to when we meet again. First uploads are all by amazing Oszkar Bagdan. Photos can be found at:

Stream setup for weekend (changes)

Players have encounters capture complications with MaxOutClub when preparing for the weekend even after using the guide. At this stage we will be relying on more technical support than currently possible. So, it has been decided NOT to use MaxOutClub this year after all but restream like CTEC 2020 Online. Make sure you are stencil […]

CTEC C-2021 Shirt

First item in the webshop is just around the corner. Get ready for the limited edition shirt. We are SO excited and will soon be able to put it on sale. Donaters may use discount as well!

CTEC 2021 Brackets!

The 32 talented Classic Tetris Pal Players who are qualified for this year’s CTEC are found! Players will compete in groups of 8 with the top 2 players getting to compete for the finals on December the 12th 2021. Due to size of team and the introduction of new features such as MaxOutClub it has […]

Qualification is over!

Qualification week is completed! And brackets will soon start. What an amazing display of quality classic Pal Tetris we have seen already. Follow your favourite players as they will be battling to win their group and later the final!

Qualification Stats

Current Qualification Stats. More high profiles will play today. Cut off at 506420!