Qualification is over!

Qualification week is completed! And brackets will soon start. What an amazing display of quality classic Pal Tetris we have seen already. Follow your favourite players as they will be battling to win their group and later the final!

Qualification Stats

Current Qualification Stats. More high profiles will play today. Cut off at 506420!

Qualification Time Slots

(Procedure is the same as seen with CTEC 2020 Online). Time to find your time slot for setup verification & CTEC qualification! Sign-up for this years CTEC through the google form is over and we know how many players want to qualify. The official CTEC referees have synced their calendars and are ready to guide […]

Last Days for Sign Up

68 have signed up as we close in on the last few days to register for Classic Tetris European Championship 2021! It is free and we have the kindest team ready to help you on your blocky journey towards endless clean-ups and scores raising the roof. Link to sign-up: https://forms.gle/5FzTSjjAY8VGFGBt7

PayPal donation

It has been suggested that we open up for donation via PayPal. The solution from last year is a bit different as PayPal has decided to terminate donation of that kind. Flynn’s Factory – Once the CTEC webshop is up, it will be done together with “Flynn’s Factory” and donators from this year will receive […]


ClassicTetris.eu has undergone some touch-ups. Lighter colours to slightly match the front of the original Tetris.com more and the expression they see fit for Tetris. The yellow is kept as CTEC & CTWC often turns to these colours Menu: Categories have been reordered and I expect to adjust more as we go. The aim is […]

Looking for referees

Qualification days are nearing and we are in the search for more team members. If you, or one you know, would like to help during qualification week – then please contact us.  You will be provided with a checklist and a guide on how to check the player’s equipment, what to ask for and how […]

New section – Player Index

Player Index will be the official catalogue of players who have competed at CTEC through-out the years. It is a work in progress with more informations/data added as we go. Link: https://classictetris.eu/playerindex/