Hello, this is Chriss speaking. As tradition follows, CTEC follows CTWC with our date announced after them.So here it is! Date: 18th & 19th November 2022 (third weekend of November).Location: Enigma Museum, Øster Allé 3 2100 København ØNB! There will be activities all week. The team has been informed and now … it is your […]


Hello everyone! We are so excited to bring you our news!We are currently gathering items and testing our equipment with the aim of arranging CTEC 2022 On Location! We plan on arranging CTEC 2022 a weekend at the end of the year. With retro game shops, Bip Bip Bar (arcade bar) and a great Danish […]

Silver Bracket Found its Winner

What a tribute to Classic Tetris it is to see that players are here to play and the community enjoys all aspects of it. The Silver Bracket was created by the community to find a winner amongst the Top 33 to 48 of the best CTEC 2021 qualifying scores. A bracket where we were spoiled […]

Silver Bracket

Thought you’d had to wait a whole year for some more top PAL Tetris? Well wait no more! Follow the Silver Bracket as they search for a winner too! For more info and bracket sheet: https://classictetris.eu/registration/#silverbracket

Bracket reset!

What a last match before losers bracket rules kick in and they will have to do it over for the final and last time! Only fair when SIDNEV is in the final via losers bracket and FRACTAL will get same chance after current defeat. Here we go! THE FINAL IS BACK ON!

Webshop is OPEN

3 Products are added and the CTEC webshop has arrived. BOOM! www.classictetris.eu/webshop

NFT Cancelled

It has come to my attention that the CTEC community reacts strongly against adding NFT to the experience. It was never the intention for neither Bobby nor me, Chriss, to connect CTEC with any bad tendencies. Long story short; I have been looking into wether or not I could create this year’s trophy as an […]


I am proud to announce that CTEC has teamed up with Bobby from Ruben & Bobby. This makes it possible for CTEC to release NFTs and drop them the next couple of days and during final day. The partnership is focused on NFT highlights on this year’s CTEC! It is not a part of the […]


GET READY! Classic eSports are happening! Sunday 16:00 UTC is when the FINALS for CTEC 2021 will be live! It is free to watch & chat with other viewers on https://www.twitch.tv/ClassicTetrisEuropeFor TOP 8 & more info, surf to: https://classictetris.eu/ctec-2021-press-release-for-top-8 Please share this post on your social media to reach the attention the players deserve ❤️🏆