Here we go!

Databases have been cleaned and the back-up has been installed. Welcome back to the website!

Site Update Nov-20

During CTEC 2020 – the website was very unstable. We are now in the process of executing a clean install. However, we have still been experiencing server error and have contacted If this is not dealt with we will have to move host ASAP. We are very sorry for all the trouble this has […]

CTEC Qualification will begin today!

The time has finally come to let the blocks fall and CTEC 2020 to begin! Qualification streams will be streamed at the main channel from 18.00 UTC today! What an exciting year! So many players from all over the world are participating on our open cup format. And for the first time we will be […]

Status on sign-up

Over 50 Players have already signed upWe welcome PAL submission all the way from Singapore.Sign-Up closes tomorrow Friday the 4th of November 2020 at 18:00 CETSign up here: is free to participate at CTEC 2020 Online

CTEC 2020 Sign-up Starts 31st of October 2020

The Sign-Up Form for CTEC 2020 online has now been made. We are undergoing quality-check and will be accepting submissions from tomorrow 31st of October 2020.Link for sign-up will be placed here on

Security update

The site has now transformed to: Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) version. PHP has been updated in the process. These steps are part of the process to secure the site for the future before opening op to the public and hold the online Classic Tetris European Championship (CTEC).

Comment Cleanup

With close to a thousand different bot/spam comments targeted different posts on the page we have seen it necessary to delete all comments and deactivated to function. T It is a part of the hack-attack and rebuil of database. Comments on updates and posts on this site have never been an active form of communication […]

CTEC 2020 will be 100% online

As promised, updates will be announced more often – even if more is to come soon after. We have been in contact with the venue and together decided that the most reasonable decision is to make Classic Tetris European Championship 100% online this year. We have worked hard since early this year and have made […]