CTEC TEAM & Announcement Channel

Hello fellow Tetris friends! The news section has experienced a drought and hopefully this update will serve as the first longbar with more to come. We want to invite you inside the CTEC organization and show how the new structure and setup consists of a big CTEC TEAM that includes smaller individual teams.  Find our […]

CTEC 2022 & CTEC 2023

Hello CTEC! Thank you all for an amazing experience with the first CTEC 2022 on location since 2019.A year with posters celebrating past winners and a schedule demanding a unique panorama setup to compete with 10 stations instead of the planned 4.A big congratulations to Alex_H for being the first to win at Game Boy […]

First day of CTEC 2022

Thank you all for such an amazing day of Classic Tetris. Feel amazing to see familiar as well as new faces enjoying Tetris together. The community is so present and loving. Thank you. And thank you to everyone who helped out today. You know you mean a lot to many for doing this. Looking so […]


It is the 18th of November and doors open at 15:00 First qualification plays starts at 16:00 See you all very soon!

Thursday update

All systems are setup & we got German support on the streaming area. Sakurion in the house and along he brought Poet13, Tolstoj, Tractie and Iceblade. Of course to help with CRT challenges, room key and testing non-qualification stations. GREAT to feel the CTEC energy starting. On the more sad note, two screens didn’t want […]

Rental stations

All paid bookings are approved. Those who booked the weekend after has gotten the same timeslot as as booking but the correct date. Your confirmation will say the weekend after CTEC 2022 but I have it scheduled manually. There will be more slots available tomorrow.

Program 2022

I have made a page only for the 2022 program. This page will be used on our info screen and any official changes/updates on the CTEC 2022 program will also be found on that page. Link: classictetris.eu/ctecprogram2022/

Dyst / Commentators (you?) / Stream / NES stations

A SNES has been hooked up at Bip Bip Bar tonight where Dyst did his tournament. Thank you Dyst for making the Tetris week a reality. Donation from Bobby to this year’s winner is also submitted today. Bobby is the owner of www.rubenogbobby.dk vintage toys and retro game shop with more than 10 years experience […]

Tuesday Update

Another day well spent on setting up and preparing for CTEC 2022! Thanks to Matisyahu for joining in today and testing the streaming computer. We are using the dedicated CTEC PC – firing up OBS and unpacking the new capture cards was a great experience. Mads/Nintendopusheren.dk tested NES systems as a pro. So many NES’ […]