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2nd week of sign-up & Sega’s first one.

Here we go! 2nd week has begun, remember to share to sign-up link to make this the greatest online CTEC ever.

Link: https://forms.gle/eRDdnoCdFvVgUPSw8

It is free to Sign-Up and everyone gets a bit more cool when they can say: “I signed up for the Classic Tetris European Championship in 2021”. It’s an open cup so when all groups around, you can even add: “It is even open, so everyone from everywhere is welcome”.

Let’s get you all your rocky moment!

On a more personal note, Sega was born yesterday night. Sega is Emi & my (Chrisstoffer) second daughter. She went over time with a whole week. So I said to Emi that she should try my Switch with Tetris Effect. I kid you not, less than 10 minutes later, she announced to me that the water had broke. Wonderful Tetris Effect!

Have fun preparing out there, you are all Tetris Stars in the early stages of the Classic eSports Universe.